Simplify access and accelerate business, starting with your users.

SailPoint Predictive Identity is your foundation for  digital transformation.

As technology continues to bring more  users, applications and data together, these connections also bring more vulnerability. Identity governance is the easiest way to implement your digital transformation faster and reduce risk.

It’s time to rethink identity.
As you digitize, move to the cloud and adopt new technologies, managing user access gets much harder. Manual processes are limiting and error-prone. And when you add increasing regulations and security vulnerabilities, it becomes even more complex.

SailPoint Predictive Identity tackles those challenges head on by combining IdentityNow with patented AI capabilities and cloud governance to enhance and accelerate identity related decisions and tasks, like identifying risk and analyzing security issues.

Our platform isn’t just about control, it’s about enablement, management, optimization and integration of software and computer systems. And it’s not just easier, it’s intuitive. With patented AI and machine learning, there’s no reason to call the helpdesk. Your workers automatically get the right access, when they need it and you can always be sure it’s safe and complies with policy.

Identity for

Access Management
Step up your security with access controls that drive compliance
Access management empowers users with access anytime, anywhere. But once they’ve gained access into your network, how do you make sure they’re only seeing and accessing what they need to do their jobs?

SailPoint identity governance takes your identity program beyond the convenience of single sign-on (SSO). It lets you use policies to tightly control user access throughout the employee life cycle and helps you quickly identify risks and compliance issues before they become serious.
Multi-Cloud Infrastructure
Control access to all your cloud platforms.
As organizations continue to rely on multiple infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platforms, so does the need to tightly control access. Taking a unified approach to managing cloud access is by far the best way to safeguard your applications, data and DevOps environments running across your cloud platforms.

With centralized visibility and automated policy enforcement as part of a complete identity solution, SailPoint makes it easy to control and govern user access across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

And with our identity driven ecosystem of connectors and integrations, you can gain complete visibility of access to all your systems, users, and their roles.
We make it easy to meet your industry regulations
Regulated industries face multiple challenges. They need to maintain compliance, cut costs, increase efficiencies and of course, ensure security. Luckily there’s one solution for all —SailPoint cloud identity governance.

Our open platform allows you to set user policies according to job roles and automatically enforce them to make sure the right people are accessing the right information. This automation not only saves you time and money, it also ensures continuous compliance to keep you audit-ready.
Rethink identity as your business accelerator.
Ensuring secure and compliant user access has always been the cornerstone of identity governance. But with the added intelligence of AI and machine learning, identity is now empowering businesses more than ever before.

SailPoint Predictive Identity™ helps people do their best work. From provisioning users on Day 1 to automating IT helpdesk requests, SailPoint identity takes on your complex security and compliance issues so your people work freely, while your systems work securely.
New to identity?
No problem. It’s easy to deploy and configure our platform. Our AI:
  • Helps you instantly create and update roles to quickly shape your identity program
  • Learns and adapts to your organizational changes to keep your access policies up to date
  • Provides real-time recommendations so you know whether access should be granted or not
  • Analyzes peer groups and identifies risky user access to quickly address security and compliance gaps

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