SonicWall CSC Capture Security Center Analytics für NSA 2600 bis 6650 AND NSV 200 bis 400

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  • Tilausnumero 02-SSC-0391
  • Valmistajanumero 02-SSC-0391

Capture Security Center is a scalable cloud security management system that is an integrated and ready-to-use component of your SonicWall product or service. It provides single sign-on (SSO) and management from a single console. It integrates the capabilities of the Capture Cloud platform to provide robust security management, analytics and real-time threat information for your entire portfolio of network, e-mail, mobile and cloud security assets, and you wanted more flexibility and capacity to control the wide range of SonicWall security operations and services. Capture Security Center provides a valuable team resource to help you control your resources and protect your entire network from cyber threats. Unify and synchronise updates and support, monitor security risks and comply with regulatory requirements. Do it all with greater clarity, accuracy and speed.

Guided by business processes and service level requirements, Capture Security Center helps form the foundation for a unified security governance, compliance and risk management strategy to position the company for success. By establishing a holistic, connected approach to security orchestration, Capture Security Center can federate all operational aspects of the SonicWall security ecosystem.
  • Centralizes security operations automation
  • Unifies end-to-end SonicWall security ecosystem under a single integration-friendly management framework
  • Forms the foundation for a unified security governance, compliance and risk management strategy
  • Establishes a holistic, connected approach to security orchestration to federate all operational aspects of the SonicWall network security ecosystem
  • Simplifies and automates various tasks to promote better security coordination
  • Reduces the complexity, duration and expense of performing security operations and administration
  • Meets the firewall change management requirements of enterprises and service providers
  • Assures the correctness and the compliance of policy changes by enforcing a rigorous process for configuring, comparing, validating, and approving policies prior to deployment
  • Adheres to company security policy via flexible approval groups, while mitigating risk, reducing errors and improving efficiency
  • Enables agility and confidence in deploying the right firewall policies, at the right time, and in conformance to compliance regulations
  • Simplifies and speeds the deployment and provisioning of SonicWall firewalls remotely using the cloud
  • Reduces administrative overhead associated with device configuration while security and connectivity occurs instantly and automatically
  • Operationalizes large number of firewalls at scale with minimal user intervention
  • Empowers stakeholders with single-pane visibility and situational awareness of the network security environment
  • Performs deep investigative and forensic analysis of enriched security data
  • Makes informed security policy decisions based on time-critical and consolidated threat information
  • Reduces incident response time with real-time, actionable threat intelligence
  • Calibrates security policies and controls as potential risks and threats are uncovered
Country of origin: USA
End user type: EDU, GOV, STD
License Band: unlimited
License type: New
Product type: Software
Unit of measurement: Licenses
ECCN: 5A992
UNSPSC: 758479203919
cnet_simple_T11756: N20716054
cnet_simple_T11757: O20716054

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