WatchGuard Panda Adaptive Defense - 3 Year - 101 to 500 users

WatchGuard Panda Adaptive Defense - 3 Year - 101 to 500 users

Toimitusaika n. 2-4 arkipäivää

  • Tilausnumero WGPAD033
  • Valmistajanumero WGPAD033

Our Cloud-native endpoint security integrates the technology and intelligence needed for advanced prevention, detection, containment and response to threats. It includes a full stack of integrated product options including encryption, patching, remote monitoring and management, and more.

Panda Adaptive Defense
Intelligent Endpoint Detection and Response
Intelligent EDR that automates the detection, classification and response to all the endpoint activity. Automatically detects suspicious behaviors to block and respond to breaches, malware and advanced threats.

Its technology is based on the Zero-Trust Application Service, which provides full and accurate visibility on endpoints, applications and users and denies any suspicious execution.

This flexible, extensible and automated EDR solution can sit on top of any other EPP solution existing within your organization.

Duration: 36 Kuukaudet
End user type: STD
License Band: Määrä: unlimited
License type: New
Product type: Software
Unit of measurement: Licenses

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